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Mr Kamran Qurashi

Consultant Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal and General Surgeon based in North West London

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endoscopy & surgical associates uk

Mr Kamran Qurashi

Consultant Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal and General Surgeon based in North West London

Photo of Mr Qurashi, an experienced laparoscopic and general surgeon, in theatre.

Welcome to my Private Practice

“As a professional surgeon since 2002, I bring a holistic approach to medicine in order to find comfortable and effective solutions for everyone. I am determined to help my patients understand their own health so that they can be well informed when making important health decisions. A passion for helping others led me down the path of Medicine into a career that allows me to provide my patients with high quality healthcare”

Mr Qurashi has extensive experience as a surgeon and endoscopist. He is able to provide a wide range of surgical operations, alongside diagnostic and therapeutic services for gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

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Mr Kamran Qurashi MBBS FRCSEd MSc
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Mr Qurashi offers a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic options with a specialist interest in endoscopy and laparoscopic surgery. Treatment is tailored to your condition to ensure optimal outcomes.


What my patients say

Patient 1 Procedure: Hernia Operation

"I got amazing advice about my treatment. This doctor is the best and very trustworthy"

Patient 2 Procedure: Bowel Obstruction Management

When I was admitted to the hospital as an emergency, Dr Qurashi was excellent; calm, clear, reassuring and extremely professional. His manner and knowledge went a long way to making me feel better about my operation

Patient 3 Procedure: Gallbladder Surgery (Cholecystectomy)

Mr Qurashi's decision to operate on my husband has made his quality of life better and enabled him to live a more enjoyable life

Patient 4 Procedure: Coloscopy

A part from waiting for over 2 hours for my procedure. The actual procedure (colonoscopy) by Dr Qurashi was great, he was very thorough and it wasn’t painful at all. He kept me informed throughout the procedure and explained the next steps re. After care. Nurses were helpful too. Very pleased overall.

19-07-2020 Procedure: Sigmoidoscopy

I was very anxious but was put completely at my ease and it turned into a very interesting experience. Mr Qurashi and his staff were friendly, polite and professional.

10-08-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Really professional and very informative on what was happening every step of the way.

24-08-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Very happy with the detailed and helpful explanation I had throughout the procedure. I was put at ease and felt I was in safe hands

18-09-2020 Procedure: Gallbladder Removal (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy)

Excellent manner , professional and very happy with how things went from start to finish. Be very confident should you be in this man's hands. Very neat and good cosmesis. I am happy with my gall bladder surgery

18-09-2020 Procedure: Gallbladder Removal (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy)

Kind and very reassuring doctor. Will recommend to anyone to see him. 10 out of 10 for everything.

21-09-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Very good services from start to finish. I can't say anything bad about the entire procedure. Dr was very communicative for any questions. Staff was very helpful.

21-10-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Lovely made me very comfortable.

28-10-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

My experience: Being my first time wasn't as scary and painful as I thought and I feel it's due to the fact that the doctor was very gentle and careful and made it seem painless.

28-10-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Absolute diamond... made me feel completely at ease over the procedure.... Funny too.... Absolute gem to have undertaken my procedure

08-11-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

An absolutely amazing surgeon! Kind, empathetic, thorough, attentive and professional. I could not have asked or wished for a better endoscopist. I hope that I am fortunate enough to have Mr Qurashi again if I need another endoscopy.

14-11-2020 Procedure: Colonoscopy

I FELT VERY AT EASE WITH the doctor.He explained the procedure throughout and although it is not a pleasant procedure it was carried out in a very calm and reassuring manner! Thank you,

15-11-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Excellent and very helpful

21-11-2020 Procedure: Colonoscopy

He's a very nice chap, professional while putting me at ease. Would recommend to others

28-11-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Mr Kamran Qurashi was extremely professional told me exactly what he was doing every step of the way to make me feel less nervous. I can't thank him and the team for making this experience and making me feel extra comfortable. So thank you so much for your help and support throughout this procedure. Many thanks and all the best

29-11-2020 Procedure: Endoscopy

Very kind and put me at ease, explained everything before and after procedure

29-11-2020 Condition: Diverticulitis

Good caring manner. Explained everything.

29-11-2020 Procedure: Colonoscopy

Dr Qurashi, and the team were fantastic I suffer badly with health anxiety, and they put me at ease even managed to have a laugh!!!! Brilliant healthcare service